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If you have any questions regarding our services and pricing, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

We also offer complete estimates for repair services and maintenance. 

Contact us:

(717) 742-8075




     At E-Town Auto Works we provide the elements your vehicle needs to work as originally designed, and maintain longer vehicle life, and highly increase the dependability of your vehicle. We offer conventional, or full synthetic oil changes to meet your varied driving needs.

      We top off all the fluids, check belts, hoses, tire pressure, and tire condition, to help maintain safety and reliability.

      Please call for pricing, as it will depend on the size of the Oil Change. 



   We inspect cars, light trucks (17,000lbs and under) and trailers (10,000lbs and under).    


(Tax and Sticker Cost Included)

State Inspection - $39.39

Emissions Test- $36.94

Exempt Emissions Test- $21.06

Replacement Stickers- $11.66

No additional charges will be made for one re-inspection within 30 days of the original inspection date at this station.

Mount, Balance, Disposal

We offer a large variety of tires in different sizes, brands, and qualities. Prices will vary with the different options. For an estimated price, please give us a call with your tire size, and we will give you a quote!


(per tire)

Balance Tire- $10

Mount & Balance- $20

Disposal Fee- $4

Rotate Tires- $15

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